XDUR14C4-1A Datasheet PDF – 4 Digit, Numeric Display

Part Number: XDUR14C4-1A

Function: Red Color, 14.22mm(0.56″) FOUR DIGIT NUMERIC DISPLAY

Manufacturer: SunLED ( http://www.SunLEDusa.com )


XDUR14C4-1A datasheet



This is 14.22mm(0.56″) FOUR DIGIT NUMERIC DISPLAY.


1. Low power consumption

2. Robust package

3. I.C. Compatible

4. Standard configuration: Gray face w/ white segments

5. Optional black face provides superior color contrast

6. RoHS Compliant


XDUR14C4-1A Datasheet PDF Download

XDUR14C4-1A pdf

Other data sheets are available within the file: XDUR14C41A

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