XPT9911 Datasheet – 12W Single channel Power Amplifier

Part Number: XPT9911

Function: 12W Single channel Power Amplifier

Package: ESP16 Pin type

Manufacturer: XPT ( www.xptek.cn )


XPT9911 power amplifier


XPT9911 is a no FM interference, AB / D class optional (D class when the anti-broken sound) power amplifier. The maximum output power is up to 12W (2Ω, BTL load, THD <10%), and the total harmonic distortion noise in the audio range is less than 1%. XPT9911 application circuit is simple, only a very small number of peripheral devices, integrated feedback resistor; output does not require external coupling capacitor or bootstrap capacitor and buffer network.



XPT9911 pinout datasheet


1. On the FM without interference, high efficiency, excellent sound quality
2. AB / D class switching
3. unique adjustable anti-breaking function
4. 10W output power (10% THD, 8.4V power supply, 4Ω load)
5. 8W output power (10% THD, 7.4V power supply, 4Ω load)
6. 3.5W output power (10% THD, 5V power supply, 4Ω load)


1. Portable DVD player
2. Portable speakers
3. LCD monitor/projection TV
4. Personal digital assistants (PDAs), laptops, etc.
5. Desktop PC


XPT9911 Datasheet


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