YX8019 PDF – Solar LED Driver – TO-94-4

Part Number: YX8019

Function: Solar LED driver

Package: TO-94-4 Pin type

Manufacturer: ETC, Shiningic

Images:YX8019 pdf datasheet


YX8019 has one or two 1.25V rechargeable batteries to illuminate the LED stably. When the sun shines on the solar battery, it charges the rechargeable battery, and at night, the charged rechargeable battery turns on the LED and automatically switches.

A solar LED driver is a device that controls and powers LED lights using solar energy. It is designed to work with solar panels to capture sunlight, convert it into electrical energy, and provide the necessary voltage and current to drive the LEDs.

The main function of a solar LED driver is to regulate the power supply to the LEDs, ensuring that they receive the correct voltage and current for optimal performance and longevity. It typically incorporates a power converter or regulator that adjusts the solar panel’s output to match the requirements of the LEDs. This helps prevent overvoltage or overcurrent situations that could potentially damage the LEDs.



1. High efficiency: 80-90%

2. Fewer peripherals: only one inductor

3. Low voltage battery protection function

4. Adjust current with inductor

5. Boost, light control, charging, solar cells and rechargeable batteries being connected in common.

6. Electric current: 150mA

7. With overdischarge protection, current is large

8. Operating frequency: 200-340KHz

YX8019 pinout driver



1. Solar Lawn Light

2. Solar String Lights

3. LED drive function

4. Landscape Decorative String Lights

5. Indoor Decorative String Lights

Reference Video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lt3MdGic2E4

YX8019 Datasheet


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