ZP-12-3xxxN PDF – Insert Configuration Connector

The Part Number is Connector.

This post explains for the semiconductor ZP-12-3xxxN.

The function of this semiconductor is Insert Configuration Listing.

Manufacturer: Star Line

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ZP-12-3xxxN connector


The Pyle-Star-Line Insert Configuration Listing is issued primarily to identify various contact insert arrangements. The male insert illustration shown left (and those on the following pages) is shown as it appears when viewed from the front.

An insert configuration connector typically refers to a type of connector used in electronic and electrical systems for the insertion and connection of various components or modules. The term “insert configuration” often indicates that the connector allows for modular and interchangeable insertions.



1. Modular Design: Insert configuration connectors are designed to accommodate various modules or inserts that can be plugged into the connector housing. This allows for flexibility and customization in terms of the components or functions that can be integrated into the system.

2. Multiple Contacts: The connector usually contains multiple contacts or pins to establish electrical connections between the inserted modules and the mating connectors. The number and arrangement of the contacts depend on the specific connector design and application requirements.

3. Locking Mechanism: Insert configuration connectors often incorporate a locking mechanism to ensure secure and reliable connections. This can include latches, screws, or other mechanisms that hold the inserted modules firmly in place within the connector housing.


Other data sheets are available within the file:

ZP-12-310PN, ZP-12-310SN, ZP-C28-18P, ZP-C28-18S, ZP-C28-42P, ZP-C28-42S

ZP-12-3xxxN PDF Datasheet