RTD2270 PDF – Flat Panel Display Controller

Part Number: RTD2270, RTD2270L-CG

Function: Flat Panel Display Controller

Package: QFP 64 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Realtek

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The RTD2270 is Flat Panel Display Controller.

A flat panel display controller, also known as an LCD controller, is a device or integrated circuit that manages the operation of a flat panel display (such as an LCD or OLED display). It serves as an interface between the display panel and the input source (such as a computer, DVD player, or gaming console), receiving the video signals and controlling the display’s pixels to produce the desired image.

General Features:

 Embedded DDC with DDC1/2B/CI
 Embedded one MCU with SPI flash controller.
 Require only one crystal to generate all timing.
 Programmable internal low-voltage-reset (LVR)
 High resolution 6 channels PWM output, and wide range selectable PWM frequency.
 Support input format up to FHD
 Embedded BJT control circuit for 1.2V regulator replacement

Analog RGB Input Interface:

 One Analog input supported
 Integrated 8-bit triple-channel 210MHz ADC/PLL(option)
 Embedded programmable Schmitt trigger of HSYNC
 Support Sync-On-Green (SOG) and various kinds of composite sync modes
 On-chip high-performance hybrid PLLs
 High resolution true 64 phase ADC PLL

Embedded MCU:

 Industrial standard 8051 core with external serial flash
 Low speed ADC for various application
 I2C Master or Slave hardware supported […]

RTD2270 datasheet

RTD2270 PDF Datasheet