P1014AP06 Datasheet PDF – Switching Regulator for Offline SMPS

The P1014AP06 is a monolithic switching regulator from ON Semiconductor, designed for low power offline power supplies. It integrates a fixed-frequency current-mode controller and a high-voltage power MOSFET in a single package, making it suitable for applications such as adapters, auxiliary power supplies, and standby power supplies.

Part Number: NCP1014AP065G

Marking Code: P1014AP06

Function: High Voltage Switching Regulator for Offline SMPS

Package: PDIP-7 type

Manufacturer: ON Semiconductor


P1014AP06 datasheet


The P1014AP06 series from ON Semiconductor integrates a fixed-frequency current-mode controller and a 700 V MOSFET, housed in PDIP-7 or SOT-223 packages. This series is designed to build rugged and low-cost power supplies, featuring soft-start, frequency jittering, short-circuit protection, skip-cycle mode, a maximum peak current setpoint, and Dynamic Self-Supply, eliminating the need for an auxiliary winding.



1. Quiet Operation: It switches at one of the available frequencies (65, 100, or 130 kHz) during normal load operation and enters skip-cycle mode under low power demand, enhancing efficiency at light loads without generating acoustic noise.

2. Protection Features: It has built-in short-circuit detection for true short-circuit conditions or broken optocouplers. The feedback pin can be easily pulled down or latched to ground to disable the IC.

3. Ease of Design: Features like soft-start and frequency jittering help designers develop low-cost and robust offline power supplies quickly.

Overall, the NCP101X series is optimized for efficiency, noise reduction, and protection in low-power AC-DC conversion applications.


P1014AP06 pinout

• Large Creepage Distance Between High−Voltage Pins

• Current−Mode Fixed Frequency Operation: 65 kHz – 100 kHz − 130 kHz

• Skip−Cycle Operation at Low Peak Currents Only: No Acoustic Noise!

• Dynamic Self−Supply, No Need for an Auxiliary Winding

• Internal 1.0 ms Soft−Start

• Latched Overvoltage Protection with Auxiliary Winding Operation

• Frequency Jittering for Better EMI Signature



• Low Power AC/DC Adapters for Chargers

• Auxiliary Power Supplies (USB, Appliances,TVs, etc.)

P1014AP06 Datasheet PDF

P1014AP06 pdf