05002HR-xxJxx PDF Datasheet – 0.50mm, Connector

Part Number: 05002HR-xxJxx

Function: 0.50mm, Connector

Manufacturer: Yeonho Electronics ( http://www.yeonho.com )

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FPC (Flexible Printed Circuit) and FFC (Flat Flexible Cable) connectors are types of connectors  commonly used to establish electrical connections between flexible circuits and other electronic components or devices. They are designed to provide a reliable and space-saving interconnect solution for flexible circuitry in various applications.

FPC (Flexible Printed Circuit) Connector:

1. FPC connectors are designed to interface with flexible printed circuit boards. These boards are made of thin, flexible insulating material with conductive traces.

FFC (Flat Flexible Cable) Connector:

1. FFC connectors are used to connect flat flexible cables, which are ribbon-like cables with multiple conductive traces.

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Both FPC and FFC connectors are widely used in consumer electronics, automotive electronics, medical devices, industrial equipment, and other applications where space-saving and flexible interconnections are required. Their use helps simplify the assembly process and reduce the overall size and weight of electronic devices.

05002HR-xxJxx PDF Datasheet