25LV010 PDF – 1 Megabit, Serial Flash Memory (EM25LV010)

Part Number: 25LV010, EM25LV010

Function: 1 Megabit (128K x 8) Serial Flash Memory

Package: 8-lead-SO (150 mil) type

Manufacturer: ELAN Microelectronics

25LV010 PDF memory


Serial Flash memory is called “serial” because it uses a serial interface to communicate with the host device. It typically employs a SPI (Serial Peripheral Interface) or a similar protocol for data transfer. This means that data is transmitted and received one bit at a time, which allows for simpler and more cost-effective implementations compared to parallel Flash memory.

The EM25LV010 is a 1 M bits Flash memory organized as 128K x 8 bits and uses a single
voltage of 2.7-3.6V for Program and Erase. It features a typical 2ms Page-Program time and
a typical 40ms Block-Erase time. The device uses status register to detect the completion of
the Program or Erase operation. To protect against inadvertent write, the device has on-chip
hardware and software data protection schemes. The device offers typical 100,000 cycles
endurance and a greater than 10 years data retention. The EM25LV010 conforms to SPI
Bus compatible Serial Interface. It consisted of four pins (serial clock, chip select, serial data
in, and serial data out) that support high-speed serial data transfers of up to 33MHz. The
Hold pin, Write Protect pin, and Programmable Write Protect features provide flexible control.
The EM25LV010 is offered in 8-lead SO package and known good die (KGD). For KGD,
please contact ELAN Microelectronics or its representatives for detailed information (see
Appendix at the bottom of this specification for Ordering Information). […]

25LV010 pinout

Serial Flash memory offers several advantages:

1. Non-volatility: Serial Flash memory retains data even when power is removed, making it suitable for applications that require persistent storage.

2. Fast read and write operations: While not as fast as some other memory technologies like RAM, serial Flash memory can still provide reasonably fast read and write speeds, especially with advanced memory controllers.

3. Compact size: Serial Flash memory chips are available in small form factors, allowing them to be easily integrated into various devices with limited space.

4. Cost-effective: Serial Flash memory is often more cost-effective than other types of non-volatile memory, making it a popular choice in many applications.

25LV010 PDF Datasheet