3S1265R PDF – Fairchild Power Switch(FPS) – KA3S1265R

Part Number: 3S1265R, KA3S1265R

Function: Fairchild Power Switch(FPS)

Package: TO-3P-5L, TO-3PF-5L Type
Manufacturer: Fairchild Semiconductor


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www.fairchildsemi.com KA3S1265R/KA3S1265RF/ KA3S1265RD Fairchild Power Switch(FPS) Features Wide operatimg frequency range up to (150kHz) Pulse by pulse over current limiting Over load protection Over voltage protecton (Min. 23V) Internal thermal shutdown function Under voltage lockout Internal high voltage sense FET External sync terminal Auto Restart Mode Description The Fairchild Power Switch(FPS) product family is specially designed for an off line SMPS with minimal external components. The Fairchild Power Switch(FPS) consist of high voltage power SenseFET and current mode PWM IC. Included control IC features a trimmed oscillator, under voltage lock-out, leading edge blanking, optimized gate turn-on/turn-off driver, thermal shut down protection, over voltage protection, temperature compensated precision current sources for loop compensation and fault protection circuit. compared to discrete MOSFET and controller or RCC switching converter solution, a Fairchild Power Switch(FPS) can reduce total component count, design size, weight and at the same time increase efficiency, productivity, and system reliability. It has a basic platform well suited for cost-effective C-TV power supply. TO-3P-5L TO-3PF-5L 1 1 1. DRAIN 2. GND 3. Vcc 4. FB 5. Sync Internal Block Diagram #3 VCC 32V 5V Vref − 5V + 6.4V #4 FB − 1mA 2.5R 1R 9V + 7.5V − + 25V − Thermal S/D OVER VOLTAGE S/D + OSC S R 2µA L.E.B 0.1V S R Q #2 GND Q Good logic Internal bias #1 DRAIN SFET #5 Sync Power on reset Rev.1.0.2 ©2001 Fairchild Semiconductor Corporation KA3S1265R/KA3S1265RF/KA3S1265RD Absolute Maximum Ratings Characteristic Maximum drain voltage (1) Symbol VD,MAX VDGR VGS IDM (3) Value 650 650 ±30 48.0 785 12 8.4 30 −0.3 to VSD 269 2.17 −25 to +85 −55 to +150 Unit V V V ADC mJ ADC ADC V V W W/°C °C °C Drain-gate voltage (RGS=1MΩ) Gate-source (GND) voltage Drain current pulsed (2) Single pulsed avalanche energy EAS ID ID VCC,MAX VFB PD Continuous drain current (TC=25°C) Continuous drain current (TC=100°C) Maximum supply voltage Input voltage range Total power dissipation Operating ambient temperature Storage temperature Derating TA TSTG Note: 1. Tj=25°C to 150°C 2. Repetitive rating: Pulse width limited by maximum junction temperature 3. L=10mH, VDD=50V, RG=27Ω, starting Tj=25 °C 2 KA3S1265R/KA3S1265RF/KA3S1265RD Electrical Characteristics (SFET part) (Ta = 25°C unless otherwise specified) Characteristic Drain-source breakdown voltage Symbol BVDSS Test condition VGS=0V, ID=50µA VDS=Max., Rating, VGS=0V VDS=0.8Max., Rating, VGS=0V, TC=125°C VGS=10V, ID=6.0A VDS=50V, ID=6.0A VGS=0V, VDS=25V, f=1MHz VDD=0.5BVDSS, ID=12.0A (MOSFET switching time are essentially independent of operating temperature) VGS=10V, ID=12.0A, VDS=0.5BVDSS (MOSFET switching time are essentially independent of operating temperature) Min. 650 5.7 Typ. 0.72 2700 300 61 18 37 88 36 20 69 […]

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3S1265R Datasheet

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