6R099 PDF – 650V, CoolMOS Power Transistor

Part Number: 6R099

Function: 650V, CoolMOS Power Transistor

Package: TO262-3 Type

Manufacturer: Infineon Technologies

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CoolMOS is a brand name for a type of power transistor developed by Infineon Technologies. It is a family of high-voltage metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect transistors (MOSFETs) designed for power electronics applications.

CoolMOS power transistors offer several advantages over traditional MOSFETs, including:

1. Low Switching Losses: CoolMOS transistors are optimized for low conduction and switching losses, leading to improved energy efficiency and reduced power dissipation.

2. High Efficiency: The low losses of CoolMOS transistors enable high power conversion efficiency, making them suitable for applications that require energy savings and reduced heat generation.

3. Fast Switching Speed: CoolMOS transistors have fast switching characteristics, enabling them to operate at high frequencies and facilitating the design of compact and efficient power electronics systems.


CoolMOS is a revolutionary technology for high voltage power MOSFETs, designed according to the superjunction (SJ) principle and pioneered by Infineon Technologies. CoolMOS™ C6 series combines the experience of the leading SJ MOSFET supplier with high class innovation. The offered devices provide all benefits of a fast switching SJ MOSFET while not sacrificing ease of use. Extremely low switching and conduction losses make switching applications even more efficient, more compact, lighter, and cooler.


• Extremely low losses due to very low FOM Rdson*Qg and Eoss

• Very high commutation ruggedness

• Easy to use/drive

• JEDEC1) qualified, Pb-free plating, Halogen free

PFC stages, hard switching PWM stages and resonant switching PWM stages for e.g. PC Silverbox, Adapter, LCD & PDP TV, Lighting, Server, Telecom and UPS.


6R099 transistor datasheet

6R099 PDF Datasheet