8895CSNG7EP3 PDF – Combo TV Special Decoder Chip

Part Number: 8895CSNG7EP3

Function: Combo TV Special Decoder Chip

Manufacturer: ETC


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The 8895CSNG7EP3 is the latest G88 series 2-in-1 color TV dedicated decoding chip developed by Toshiba Corporation of Japan. It can be applied to 14”~29” movement, and has a variety of functional expansions, which can be implemented on a single PCB motherboard from simple to high-end.

[ TV decoding ]

1. Built-in notch filter, band-pass filter, PIF VCO circuit.

2. Black level extension, brightness gamma correction function.

3. PAL/NTSC decoding circuit.

4. With EW output; parallelogram, arcuate, trapezoidal, S-shaped, and four corners can be adjusted individually.

5. Two audio input ports, two output ports for volume control, and one audio output port for stereo control.


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[ Software implementation ]

1. Voltage tuning: 14 bits PWM tuning output, full channel (V-L, V-H, UHF) control.
Frequency tuning: You can choose to realize the common frequency scanning mode (38M and 38.9M intermediate frequency).

2. When cold booting, check the E2PROM password, if the password is wrong, re-initialize the E2PROM.

3. It can realize automatic identification of PAL and NTSC color systems; it can realize automatic identification of PAL-N, PAL-M and NTSC color systems.

4. Optional sound system: 4.5M, 5.5M, 6.0M, 6.5M.

5. Mono or stereo functions can be selected, and the volume of mono and stereo can be controlled by internal ATT respectively.


8895CSNG7EP3 Datasheet