AC6520 PDF – Uncooled 2.5 Gbps Receiver

Part Number: AC6520

Function: Uncooled 2.5 Gbps Receiver

Package: 4-pin ROSA

Manufacturer: ARCHCOM

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The AC6520 is Uncooled 2.5 Gbps Receiver in 4-pin ROSA Package.

An uncooled 2.5 Gbps receiver refers to a photodetector or optical receiver that operates at a data rate of 2.5 gigabits per second (Gbps) without requiring active cooling measures, such as thermoelectric coolers or refrigeration. It is typically used in optical communication systems to receive high-speed data transmitted through optical fibers.


1. Wide dynamic range with differential output

2. Low power +3.3 V operation

3. Wide operation temperature (-40°C to +85°C) High reliability

4. Suitable for 2.5 Gbps applications


1. Telecom and Datacom Electrical/Optical

Characteristics (Tc=25oC)

Parameter Power Supply Supply Current(1) Bandwidth Low-Frequency Cut Off Rise Time/Fall Time (2,3) Wavelength Single Ended Output Impedance Overload(3,4) Sensitivity(3,4) Conversion Gain(5) Differential Output Single ended output voltage (peak to peak) to optical power swing (OMA) Into 50 Ohms Absolute Maximum Ratings: Parameter Symbol Case Temperature Storage Temperature Humidity Range Amplifier Bias Voltage Input Optical Power Load Solder Temp. and Time TC Tstg RH Vccmax Pmax Min -40 -40 5 Max +85 100 95 5 +6 260 C, 10sec o Unit o o C C % V dBm Archcom Technology, Inc. 1335 W. Foothill Blvd., Azusa, CA 91702, USA Phone: 626-969-0681 Fax: 626-969-7699; 1 Free Datasheet http:/// AC6520_v3 Outline Drawing (Customer special order is available): Pin-out Options: X= B Pin-out Assignment Options (Customer specific pin-out available) 4-pin Pin-out Assignment Pin # 1 2 3 4 “B” Dout-P Vcc Dout-N GND Ordering Information: AC6520-W-YZ W = Pin-out: “B” see table. (Custom pin-out available) YZ = Receptacle type: “L1” for LC Plastic, “L2” for LC Metal, “S1” for SC plastic Example: AC6520-B-L1 is an Archcom 4-pin, 2.5 Gbps ROSA with Type-B pin-out with low cost plastic LC receptacle. Archcom Technology, Inc. reserves the right to m ake changes in design, specifications and other inform ation at any tim e without prior notice. Inform ation in this data sheet is believed to be reliable. However, no responsibility is assum ed for possible inaccuracy or om ission. Archcom Technology, Inc. 1335 W. Foothill Blvd., Azusa, CA 91702, USA Phone: 626-969-0681 Fax: 626-969-7699; 2 […]

AC6520 pinout datasheet

AC6520 PDF Datasheet