AP8853 PDF Datasheet – 300mA, LDO Linear Regulator

Part Number: AP8853

Function: 300mA LDO Linear Regulator

Package: SOT-23, SOT-89 Type

Manufacturer: Anwell Semiconductor

Images:AP8853 pdf pinout


An LDO (Low-Dropout) linear regulator is a type of voltage regulator used in electronics to produce a stable and regulated output voltage from a higher, potentially variable input voltage. LDO regulators are known for their ability to maintain a relatively constant output voltage even when the input voltage is only slightly higher than the desired output voltage. They are widely used in a variety of applications where a low-noise, low-ripple, and stable power supply voltage is required.

The AP8853 is a low-dropout linear regulator that operations in the input voltage range from +2.5V to  +9.0V and delivers 300mA output current. The high-accuracy output voltage is preset at an internally trimmed voltage 2.5V or 3.3V. Other output voltages can be mask-optioned from 1.5V to 5.0V with 100mV increment.


1. Operating Voltages Range:+2.5V to +9.0V

2. Output Voltages Range:+1.5V to +5.0V with 100mV Increment

3. Maximum Output Current:300 mA

4. Low Dropout: 120mV @ 100mA (VOUT≧2.0 V)

5. ±2% Output Voltage Accuracy

6. High Ripple Rejection:70 dB

7. Output Current Limit Protection (600mA)

8. Short Circuit Protection (300mA)

9. Thermal Overload Shutdown Protection

10. Low ESR Capacitor Compatible

AP8853 datasheet


1. Battery powered Equipments

2. Palmtops

3. Portable Cameras and Video Recorders

AP8853 PDF Datasheet