APL5607 PDF – 600mA Linear Regulator

Part Number: APL5607

Function: 600mA Linear Regulator for DC Fan Speed Control

Package: SOP-8 and TDFN3x3-8  Type

Manufacturer: ANPEC

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The APL5607 is a low quiescent current and low dropout linear regulator which is designed to power a DC fan and deliver up to 600mA output current. The output voltage follows the 1.6 times of VSET voltage and typical dropout voltage is only 220mV (typical) at 600mA output current. The APL5607/A with low 140µA quiescent current is ideal for battery-powered system appliances and stable with a 2.2µF ceramic output capacitor. The features of current-limit (with foldback current) and overtemperature protection protect the device against current over-loads and over temperature. ( 600mA Linear Regulator for DC Fan Speed Control )

Features General Description:

• Low Dropout Voltage: 220mV (Typical) @ 600mA • Low Quiescent Current: 140µA • Enable/Shutdown Function • Output Voltage / VSET Voltage: 1.6 Times • Stable with Low ESR Ceramic Capacitors • Over-Temperature Protection • Current-Limit Protection with Foldback Current • Internal Soft-Start • SOP-8 and TDFN3x3-8 Packages • Lead Free and Green Devices Available (RoHS Compliant) Applications • Notebook Fan Driver • Motherboards • PC Peripherals • Battery-Powered System

Pin Configuration:

EN 1 VIN 2 VOUT 3 VSET 4 SOP-8 (Top View) 8 GND 7 GND 6 GND 5 GND Simplified Application Circuit VIN CIN 2.2µF ~ 10µF ON VEN OFF VIN VOUT APL5607/A EN GND VSET VOUT COUT 2.2µF ~ 4.7µF VSET EN 1 VIN 2 VOUT 3 VSET 4 8 GND 7 GND 6 GND 5 GND TDFN3x3-8 (Top View) =Exposed Pad (connected to the ground plane for better heat dissipation) ANPEC reserves the right to make changes to improve reliability or manufacturability without notice, and advise customers to obtain the latest version of relevant information to verify before placing orders. Copyright © ANPEC Electronics Corp. Rev. A.3 – Jul., 2010 1 www.anpec.com.tw APL5607/A Ordering and Marking Information APL5607/A APL5607/A K : Assembly Material Handling Code Temperature Range Package Code APL5607 XXXXX APL5607A XXXXX Package Code K : SOP-8 QB : TDFN3x3-8 Operating Ambient Temperature Range I : -40 to 85 oC Handling Code TR : Tape & Reel Assembly Material G : Halogen and Lead Free Device XXXXX – Date Code APL5607/A QB : APL 5607 XXXXX APL 5607A XXXXX XXXXX – Date Code Note: ANPEC lead-free products contain molding compounds/die attach materials and 100% matte tin plate termination finish; which are fully compliant with RoHS. ANPEC lead-free products meet or exceed the lead-free requirements of IPC/JEDEC J-STD-020D for MSL classification at lead-free peak reflow temperature. ANPEC defines “Green” to mean lead-free (RoHS compliant) and halogen free (Br or Cl does not exceed 900ppm by weight in homogeneous material and total of Br and Cl does not exceed 1500ppm by weight). Absolute Maximum Ratings (Note 1) Symbol Parameter Rating Unit VIN VIN to GND -0.3 ~ 6.5 V VEN EN to GND -0.3 ~ VIN+0.3 V VOUT TJ VOUT to GND Maximum Junctio […]

APL5607 regulator datasheet

APL5607 PDF Datasheet