APL5607KI PDF Datasheet – 600mA, Linear Regulator

Part Number: APL5607KI

Function: 600mA, Linear Regulator for DC Fan Speed Control

Package: SOP-8 and TDFN3x3-8 Type

Manufacturer: ANPEC

Images:APL5607KI pinout datasheet


The APL5607KI is a low quiescent current and low dropout linear regulator which is designed to power a DC fan and deliver up to 600mA output current. The output voltage follows the 1.6 times of VSET voltage and typical dropout voltage is only 220mV (typical) at 600mA output current. The APL5607/A with low 140µA quiescent current is ideal for battery-powered system appliances and stable with a 2.2µF ceramic output capacitor. The features of current-limit (with foldback current) and overtemperature protection protect the device against current over-loads and over temperature.

APL5607KI pdf regulator



• Low Dropout Voltage: 220mV (Typical) @ 600mA

• Low Quiescent Current: 140µA

• Enable/Shutdown Function

• Output Voltage / VSET Voltage: 1.6 Times

• Stable with Low ESR Ceramic Capacitors

• Over-Temperature Protection

• Current-Limit Protection with Foldback Current

• Internal Soft-Start

• Lead Free and Green Devices Available (RoHS Compliant)


• Notebook Fan Driver

• Motherboards

• PC Peripherals

• Battery-Powered System


APL5607KI PDF Datasheet