ATA2069 PDF – Flasher withTrailer Control IC

Part Number: ATA2069

Function: Flasher withTrailer Control IC

Package: SOP 8 Pin Type

Manufacturer: ATMEL Corporation

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A flasher with trailer control, also known as a trailer flasher or trailer light control module, is an electronic device used in automotive applications to control the flashing and lighting functions of a trailer that is being towed by a vehicle.

The bipolar integrated Atmel® circuit ATA2069 is designed for the use in relay-operated automotive flasher modules and makes it possible to detect the outage of flasher bulbs on the vehicle itself and also on a trailer. Vehicles with a trailer hook are equipped with additional pilot lamps in the dashboard. Atmel ATA2069 is off (i.e., the relay is deactivated) as long as the flasher switch (at contact +49a) is open. As soon as this switch is closed, the IC starts reliably with the bright phase. There are two thresholds integrated: one threshold is defined to be 21 + 10W and is designed for the lamp outage detection of 1 of 2 lamps. If the current is below this threshold, the IC switches to frequency doubling, just like the standard flashers (e.g. Atmel U2043B).

The other threshold is defined to be 42 + 10W and is designed for the outage detection of 1 of 3 lamps; if this happens, the additional trailer pilot lamp is switched off, but there is no frequency doubling. 50 ms after the start of the bright phase, the comparator measures the voltage drop at the shunt and latches this value for the rest of the bright phase. The output of this pilot lamp (pin 8) is short-circuit protected against GND. In case of a short circuit the external transistor is switched off after 52ms for the rest of the current flasher cycle, but it is enabled again for the next cycle.


• Lamp Outage Indication for Car and Trailer

• Temperature and Supply Voltage Compensated Flashing Frequency

• Relay Driver Output with High Current Carrying Capacity and Low Saturation Voltage

• Minimum Lamp Load for Flasher Operation > 10W […]

Block Diagram:

ATA2069 pinout datasheet

ATA2069 PDF Datasheet