BA6901F PDF – DC Brushless Fan Motor Driver

Part Number: BA6901F

Function: Two-phase Full-wave DC Brushless Fan Motor Driver

Package: SOP 8 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Rohm

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BA6901F is two-phase half-wave fan motor driver. They incorporate lock protection, automatic restart circuit and FG/AL output. Some of them have variable speed control function.

Datasheet DC Brushless Motor Drivers for Cooling Fans Two-phase Full-wave DC Brushless Fan Motor Drivers BA6901F

Package SOP-16 W (Typ.) x D (Typ.) x H (Max.) 10.00mm x 6.20mm x 1.71mm


„ Current Limit circuit „ PWM control (PWM pulse signal input) „ Incorporates lock protection and automatic restart circuit „ Lock alarm signal(AL) output „ Rotation speed pulse signal (FG) output SOP16 Application „ For desktop PC, server, general consumer equipment, communication equipment and industrial equipment. Absolute maximum ratings Parameter Symbol Limit Supply voltage Vcc 36 Power dissipation Pd 625- Operating temperature Topr -40 +100 Storage temperature Tstg -55 +150 Output current Iomax 70 FG signal output current Ifg 15 FG signal output voltage Vfg 36 AL signal output current Ial 15 AL signal output voltage Val 36 Junction temperature Tjmax 150 – Reduce by 5.0mW/°C over Ta=25°C. (On 70.0mm×70.0mm×1.6mm glass epoxy board) Unit V mW mA mA V mA V Recommended operating conditions Parameter Operating supply voltage range Hall input voltage range Symbol Vcc VH Limit 3.5 28.0 0 Vcc-2.2 Unit V V Product structure Silicon monolithic integrated circuit w. © 2012 ROHM Co., Ltd. All rights reserved.  Function Charging and discharging pulse circuit capacitor and resistor connecting terminal Rotating speed pulse signal output terminal Lock alarm signal output terminal Lock alarm signal terminal (inversion signal of AL) PWM input terminal (H or OPEN:Output ON, L:Output OFF) Lock detection and automatic restart capacitor connecting terminal Phase compensating capacitor connecting terminal GND terminal Hall input terminal + Hall input terminal – Current detecting input terminal Current limiting input terminal Output terminal 1 Output terminal 2 Power terminal Charging and discharging pulse output terminal CR 1 FG 2 AL 3 ALB 4 PWM 5 LD 6 CNF 7 GND 8 LOCK DETECTION & AUTOMATIC RESTART PWM […]

BA6901F pinout datasheet

BA6901F PDF Datasheet