BD4911FM PDF – Multifunction System Power Supply IC

Part Number: BD4911FM

Function: Multifunction System Power Supply IC

Package: 28-pin HSOP-M28 Type

Manufacturer: Rohm

Image and pinouts :

BD4911FM datasheet pinout


The BD4911FM multiple-output system power supply features microcontroller output and is capable of operating at super-low dark current levels. With a built-in reset, with a microcontroller delay, BATTERY/ACCESSORY voltage detection, and mute function, WDT (Watch Dog Timer) function, the BD4911FM is ideal for car audio and satellite navigation systems. […]


1. Circuit current during standby operation (WDT off): 100 µA (TYP)

2. Built-in reduced power detection circuits for Vo1 and Vo2 output

3. Built-in elevated output detection circuit for Vo1

4. The IC monitors the BuM voltage and outputs it to the BuDET1 and BuDET2 pins.

5. The IC monitors the ACCM voltage and outputs it to the ACCM pin when BuDET1 and BuDET2 are low.

6. Built-in mute circuit. Pulse width can be set with the CE capacitor.


1. Car audio and satellite navigation systems

BD4911FM Datasheet