BIT3252A PDF Datasheet – Low Cost PWM Controller

Part Number: BIT3252A

Function: Low Cost PWM Controller

Package: SOP-8 Type

Manufacturer: Beyond Innovation Technology

Images:BIT3252A pdf pinout



The BIT3252A is a high frequency PWM controller which integrates the required functions for a boost converter in a small SOP-8 package. A low 0.2V feedback voltage makes the system with high efficiency and its over voltage protection function makes the system reliable. Built-in 55V/1.2A NMOS save the space of PCB and simplify the circuit design.


1. Voltage Mode PWM Controller

2. Low 0.2V reference Voltage

3. 330KHz Operation

4. Over Voltage Protection

5. Internal Soft-Start

6. Built-in 55V NMOS

7. Internal UVLO (Under Voltage Lock Out)

8. Limited Output Duty Cycle

9. Low Shutdown current (0.1uA)

BIT3252A datasheet controller

1. The PWM Controller:

The pulse width modulation control circuit includes a ramp wave generator, an error amplifier and a comparator. These devices provide the required functions for the PWM feedback control application. The inverting input of the error amplifier is pulled high to reduce its output CMP when VDD<3.6V. The maximum duty cycle of the PWM controller is limited to 93%

2. The Over Voltage Protection:

BIT3252A has an OVP pin that is used to detect the converter output voltage, when there is a voltage higher than 1.5V sensed in this pin, BIT3252A will latch off its output This latch off function can make system operation more reliable. The latched off status can be released by reducing the supply voltage to lower than 3.6V.

BIT3252A PDF Datasheet