BIT3252A PDF Datasheet – Low Cost PWM Controller

Part Number: BIT3252A

Function: Low Cost PWM Controller

Package: SOP-8 Type

Manufacturer: Beyond Innovation Technology


3 page



The BIT3252A is a high frequency PWM controller which integrates the required functions for a boost converter in a small SOP-8 package. A low 0.2V feedback voltage makes the system with high efficiency and its over voltage protection function makes the system reliable. Built-in 55V/1.2A NMOS save the space of PCB and simplify the circuit design.


1. Voltage Mode PWM Controller

2. Low 0.2V reference Voltage

3. 330KHz Operation

4. Over Voltage Protection

5. Internal Soft-Start

6. Built-in 55V NMOS

7. Internal UVLO (Under Voltage Lock Out)

8. Limited Output Duty Cycle

9. Low Shutdown current (0.1uA)



BIT3252A Datasheet