BP2832 PDF Datasheet – SSOP, Photo Coupler

Part Number: BP2832

Function: High Isolation Voltage DC Input Response Type SSOP Photo Coupler

Package: SSOP 4 Pin Type

Manufacturer: BETEC


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BP2832 is High Isolation Voltage DC Input Response Type SSOP Photo Coupler.



1. High current transfer ratio (CTR=2000%TYP.@ IF=1 mA, VCE=2V ).

2. Small and thin package(4pin SOP, Pin pitch 1.27mm).

3. High isolation voltage between input and output ( Viso:3750Vrms ).

4. High collector to emitter voltage (VCEO=300V).


1. Hybrid substrates that require high density mounting.

2. FAX.

3. Communications ,Telephone ,Telegraph Receiver ,etc.

 Internal Connection Diagram: Top View 1. Anode 2. Cathode 3. Emitter 4. Collector  Outline Dimensions: (Unit : mm) □BP2832EB

 Classification table of current transfer ratio is shown below. Ta=25℃ Model No. CTR Rank CTR ( % ) BP2832EB E Rank 400~9000 Notes: NO.01P25002 REV:1 TOLERANCE:±0.2mm Date:26-May-2010 Sheet 1 OF 5 BETEC BP2832  Absolute Maximum Ratings Parameter Forward current Symbol IF Peak forward current(*1) IFP Input Reverse voltage VR Power dissipation PD Power dissipation derating PD/℃ Collector-emitter voltage VCEO Emitter-collect r voltage VECO Output Collector current IC Collector power dissipation PC Collector power dissipation derating PC/℃ Isolation voltage 1 minute(*2) Viso Operating temperature Topr Storage temperature Tstg Sold ring temperature 10 second Tsol *1 PW=100μs,Duty Cycle=1%. *2 AC voltage for 1minute at T =25℃. […]

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BP2832 Datasheet