BTA04 PDF Datasheet – 4A, Sensitive Gate Triac, TO-220F

This post explains for the Triac.

The Part Number is BTA04.

The function of this semiconductor is 4A, Sensitive Gate Triac.

The package is TO-220F Type

Manufacturer: Unisonic Technologies

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BTA04 pdf datasheet


The UTC BTA04 is a 4A triac, it uses UTC’s advanced technology to provide customers with high commutation performances and voltage insulated tab, etc. The UTC BTA04 is suitable for inductive loads, general purpose AC switching and an ON/OFF function in applications such as induction motor starting circuits, for phase control operation in light dimmers and static relays, etc.

A 4A sensitive gate triac is an electronic component that belongs to the family of thyristors and is designed to control alternating current (AC) power. Triacs are bidirectional devices, which means they can conduct current in both directions, making them suitable for AC switching applications.

The term “4A” indicates the maximum current-carrying capacity of the triac, which is 4 amperes. This rating specifies the maximum current that the triac can handle without exceeding its thermal and electrical limits.


1. Low gate trigger current

2. Low holding current




1. Dimmer circuits: Triacs are commonly used in lighting dimmer circuits, where they control the brightness of incandescent lamps or other resistive loads.

2. Motor speed control: Triacs can be used to control the speed of AC motors in applications like fans or small appliances.

3. AC power switching: Triacs are used in relay replacement applications for switching AC power to loads like heaters and solenoids.

4. AC power control in appliances: Triacs are employed in some appliances to control the power delivered to heating elements or other loads.


BTA04 PDF Datasheet

BTA04 pdf