CJX2-1210 PDF – 660V, 25A, AC Contactor

Part Number: CJX2-1210

Function: 660V, 25A, AC Contactor ( 3P+NO/3P+NC )

Package: Module type

Manufacturer: Faryuan

Images:CJX2-1210 pdf datasheet contactor


CJX2-1210 is 660V, 25A, AC contactor. This contactor is an electrical switching device designed to control the flow of alternating current (AC) power in high-voltage applications. It is specifically designed to handle voltage levels up to 660 volts (V) and a maximum current of 25 amperes (A). AC contactors are widely used in industrial and commercial applications to control motors, lighting systems, heating elements, and other high-power AC loads at higher voltage levels.

Contactor( including LC1-D contactor and LC1-F Contactor),it is suitable for using in the circuit up to the rated voltage 1000V AC 50/60 Hz,and three phase,rated voltage 380V,rated current up to 630A.to switch on and off the circuit at a distance.It is also used as unfrequent start,stop and reversal of AC motor,it is combined into the electromagnetic starter with the thermal relay,combined with the auxiliary contact block,air delayer&machine-interlocking devices,it becomes the delay contactor,mechanical interlocking contactor,star-delta starter,the contactor is produced according to the standard IEC60947-4-1,GB14048.4  [ … ]

CJX2-1210 PDF Datasheet