CS1100 PDF Datasheet – Powerline Networking Chipset

Part Number: CS1100

Function: Powerline Networking Chipset

Package: LQFP 100 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Cogency Semiconductor

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The Piranha chipset consists of the CS1100 and the AD9875. The CS1100 is a single-chip HomePlug 1.0 compliant MAC/PHY for use in home powerline networking products. The CS1100 enables Ethernetclass networking over existing electrical wiring with full quality-of-service support and privacy ensured through encryption. The AD9875 HomePlug Mixed-Signal Front End is a low-power, low-cost converter for powerline communications. Target applications for the Piranha chipset include PC network adapters, residential gateways including set-top boxes, and a wide range of entertainment and communication devices.


CS1100 datasheet

HomePlug 1.0 MAC/PHY:

• rate adaptive to 14 Mbps

• 0.18 micron CMOS process

• small footprint 100 pin LQFP

• integrated PLL

• low power 1.8V core

Easy Product Integration:

• emulates Ethernet PHY

• flexible host interface: MII or 8-bit Peripheral

• 3.3 V I/Os (5V tolerant host I/F)

• glueless interface to highly integrated mixed-signal front end

• direct support for link status LEDs


CS1100 PDF Datasheet

CS1100 pdf