HN1664C PDF – 10/100 Base-T Single Port Transformer

Part Number: HN1664C

Function: 10/100 Base-T Single Port Transformer

Manufacturer: Mingtek

Images:HN1664C PDF


A HN1664C, 10/100 Base-T single port transformer is a specific type of transformer used in Ethernet networking applications, supporting both 10 Mbps and 100 Mbps data rates. It provides the necessary impedance matching, signal conditioning, and isolation required for proper transmission and reception of Ethernet signals over twisted-pair cables.

Features and characteristics:

1. Data Rate Support: The transformer supports both 10 Mbps (Ethernet) and 100 Mbps (Fast Ethernet) data rates, allowing it to be used in networks with different Ethernet standards.

2. Impedance Matching: The transformer ensures proper impedance matching between the Ethernet transceiver and the twisted-pair cable, minimizing signal reflections and maximizing signal integrity.

3. Signal Conditioning: It provides signal conditioning, such as noise rejection and filtering, to improve the quality of the transmitted and received signals and protect against electromagnetic interference (EMI).

4. Isolation: The transformer provides electrical isolation between the Ethernet transceiver and the rest of the circuitry, protecting the system from ground loops and improving overall system safety.

5. Single Port Configuration: A single port transformer is designed to handle a single Ethernet connection, typically featuring a single RJ-45 connector for the twisted-pair cable connectio


HN1664C pinout manual

HN1664C PDF Datasheet