IKCS12F60B2A PDF – Control Integrated Power System

Part Number: IKCS12F60B2A

Function: Control Integrated Power System Power Management Application

Manufacturer: Infineon Technologies

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Control Integrated Power System (CIPS) is a concept that combines power electronics and control systems to create an integrated solution for power generation, distribution, and management. It aims to optimize energy efficiency, improve power quality, and enhance system reliability in various applications, including industrial plants, renewable energy systems, data centers, and smart grids.


1. Power Generation: CIPS incorporates power generation sources such as renewable energy systems (solar, wind) or traditional generators to provide the required electrical power.

2. Power Conversion and Conditioning: Power electronics components, such as inverters, converters, and transformers, are used to convert and condition the electrical power according to the specific requirements of the system.

3. Energy Storage: CIPS may include energy storage devices, such as batteries or supercapacitors, to store excess energy and supply it during peak demand periods or in case of power interruptions.



IKCS12F60B2A pinout datasheet


• Fully isolated Single In-Line molded module
• TrenchStop® IGBTs with lowest VCE(sat)
• Optimal adapted antiparallel diode for low EMI
• Integrated bootstrap diode and capacitor
• Rugged SOI gate driver technology with stability against transient and negative voltage
• Fully compliant to 3.3V and 5V microcontrollers
• Temperature sense
• Under voltage lockout at all channels
• Matched propagation delay for all channels
• Low side emitter pins accessible for all phase current monitoring (open emitter)
• Cross-conduction prevention

IKCS12F60B2A PDF Datasheet