ILI9806H PDF Datasheet – LCD Single-Chip Controller

Part Number: ILI9806H

Function: TFT LCD Single-Chip Controller Driver

Display resolution : 480(RGB) x 864 Resolution 16.7M-color

Manufacturer: ILITEK

Block Diagram :

ILI9806H pdf datasheet


The ILI9806H is a type of Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) controller integrated circuit (IC) made by ILI Technology. It is used to control and manage the display functions of an LCD screen and interfaces with the main system to receive image data and display it on the screen.

The ILI9806-H is a 16.7M single-chip SOC driver for a-Si TFT liquid crystal display panels with a resolution of up to 480 (RGB) x 864 with memory. The ILI9806H is comprised of a 1440-channel source driver, a gate-IC-less level shifter, 622,080-byte GRAM for graphic data of 480 (RGB) x 864 dots, and a power supply circuit.

Display module :

1. On-chip Frame Memory size 622,080 byte , 480 (RGB) (H) x 864 (V) x 24 bits

2. Supports 1440 source channel outputs

3. Supports gate control signals to gate driver in the panel

4. Supports column/1-dot/2-dot/3-dot inversion

5. Gamma correction (1 preset Gamma curve)

6. On module VCOM control (0V to -4V common electrode output voltage range)



ILI9806H Datasheet PDF