ISL24011 PDF – High Voltage TFT-LCD Logic Driver

Part Number: ISL24011

Function: High Voltage TFT-LCD Logic Driver

Package: TSSOP 20 Pin type

Manufacturer: Intersil Corporation

Images:ISL24011 pdf pinout


The ISL24011 is a high voltage TFT-LCD logic driver with +40V and -20V output voltage swing capability. It is manufactured using Intersil’s proprietary monolithic high voltage bipolar process and is capable of driving a 4700pF load in 500ns.

The ISL24011 will level shift a digital input signal to an output voltage nearly equal to its output supply voltages. The IC has 3 supplies. VON1 and VON2 are positive supplies with a voltage range between +10V and +40V. VOFF is the negative supply with a voltage range between -5V and -20V. Outputs 1 through 6 are connected to VON1 and VOFF. Outputs 7 and 8 are connected to VON2 and VOFF. This configuration enables outputs 1 through 6 to provide slicing to the row drivers to reduce flicker, and outputs 7 and 8 to control possible supply lines. VON2 should remain constant. It is possible to tie VON1 and VON2 supplies together, if independent control as described above is not desired. VON2 is required to be greater than or equal to VON1 at all times. The ISL24011 is available in a 20 Ld TSSOP package. It is specified for operation over the -40°C to +85°C industrial temperature range.


• 0V to 5.5V Input Voltage Range

• +40V and -20V Output Voltage Range

• 10mA Output Continuous Current (all 8 channels)

• 25mA Output Peak Current (all 8 channels)

• Rise/Fall Times 260ns/290ns

• Propagation Delay 230ns

• 50kHz Input Logic Frequency


• TFT-LCD panels […]ISL24011 datasheet

ISL24011 PDF Datasheet

ISL24011 pdf