IT8152F PDF – RISC to PCI Companion Chip

Part Number: IT8152F

Function: Risc to Pci Companion Chip For SA-1110

Package: 208-pin PQFP and 208-pin LBGA Type

Manufacturer: Integrated Technology Express


IT8152F pdf datasheet


The IT8152F, an advanced RISC-to-PCI companion chip that supports SA1110 32-bit RISC microprocessor interface, is especially designed for the main applications in Datacomm, Telecomm, and Internet Appliances and Networking devices. This companion chip interfaces directly to RISC processors, and provides a bridge to link host bus and PCI bus. It also provides a Shared Memory (SDRAM) Controller, Low Pin Count (LPC) Host Controller, Interrupt Controller, DMA Controller, Timers, USB Host Controller, Digital AC97 Controller, GPIO ’Controller and Power Management.

Paired with Intels SA1110 ’ RISC microprocessor interface, the IT8152 provides a low cost, high performancehost to PCI bridge function for any system applications in Datacomm/Telecomm products. [ … ]

3 IT8152F pinout ite

RISC (Reduced Instruction Set Computer) and PCI (Peripheral Component Interconnect) are two different concepts in computer technology.

RISC refers to a type of computer architecture that emphasizes simplicity and efficiency by using a reduced set of instructions. RISC processors typically have a smaller and more streamlined instruction set compared to complex instruction set computing (CISC) processors. The RISC design philosophy aims to improve performance by optimizing the execution of instructions.

PCI, on the other hand, is a computer bus standard used for connecting peripheral devices to the motherboard of a computer. PCI provides a high-speed data path between the computer’s processor and various hardware components such as graphics cards, network cards, and storage devices.

IT8152F PDF Datasheet