KT819G PDF – High Power NPN Transistor

Part Number: KT819G

Function: High Power Low Frequency NPN Bipolar Transistor

Manufacturer: ETC

Images:KT819G pdf datasheet


high power, low-frequency NPN bipolar transistor is a type of bipolar junction transistor (BJT) that is designed to handle high power levels and operate at low frequencies.


1. NPN Configuration: The transistor follows the NPN configuration, which means it has a p-type base sandwiched between two n-type regions: the emitter and the collector.

2. High Power Handling: These transistors are designed to handle high power levels, typically in the range of a few watts to several hundred watts. They are suitable for applications that require high current and voltage capabilities.

3. Low-Frequency Operation: The transistor is optimized for low-frequency operation, typically in the audio frequency range or lower. It can efficiently amplify signals with frequencies ranging from a few hertz to a few kilohertz.

Bipolar transistors n-p-n high power low and medium frequency max(Pk,av max)(Pk,i max),W 60 at Tk(T),C 25 Tk max(T max),C 100 h21e(h21e)[S21 type] 12 at Uke(Ukb),B [ 5] Uke us, B 5 Ikb0 (Iker) {Ikeo},mA 2 fgr (fh21), MHz 1 Sk,pf 3 Se,pf 1000 toff (tras) [tsp], ms 2.5 Rt p-k (Rt p- s),S/W 1.67 […]


KT819G PDF Datasheet