L9309 – (L9307 / L9309) Dual High Current Low Side Driver

Part Number: L9309

Function: (L9307 / L9309) Dual High Current Low Side Driver

Manufacturer: ST Microelectronics


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L9307 L9309 DUAL HIGH CURRENT LOW SIDE DRIVER HIGH OUTPUT CURRENT INPUT COMPARATOR WITH WIDE RANGE COMMON MODE OPERATION AND GROUND COMPATIBLE INPUTS INPUT COMPARATOR HYSTERESIS SHORT CIRCUIT PROTECTION WITH SOA PROTECTION OF OUTPUT INTERNAL THERMAL PROTECTION WITH HYSTERESIS SINGLE SUPPLY VOLTAGE (3.5 V to 28V) Description The L9307/9 is a monolithic integrated circuit with differential input comparator and open collector output able to sink high current specially to drive relays, lamps, d.c. motors. Particular care has been taken to protect the device against destructive failures, i.c. short circuit of outputs to VS, SOA protection, supply overvoltage. A built in thermal shut-down switches off the device when the IC’s internal dissipation becomes BLOCK DIAGRAM Multiwatt 11 SIP 10 ORDERING NUMBERS: L9307 L9309 too high and the chip temperature exceeds security threshold. The input comparator hysteresis increases the interface’s noise immunity allowing the correct use critical environments as automotive applications. This is advanced information on a new product now in development or undergoing evaluation. Details are subject to change without notice. October 1990 1/7 L9307 – L9309 ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATINGS Symbol IZS VS IO Tj, Tstg VO 1,2 Ptot Parameter Current Into Supply Clamp Zener Diode DC Conditions Pulsed: Ton < 2.5ms; d < 8% Supply Voltage Output Current Junction and Storage Temperature Range Output Voltage Power Dissipation at Tamb = 85°C for Multiwatt 11 for SIP 10 Value 30 80 28 Internally Limited – 55 to 150 – 0.3 to 28 1.7 1.3 Unit mA mA V °C °C V W W (*) TON 2.5ms; repetition time ≤ 30ms (**) The maximum allowed supply voltage without limiting resistor is limited by the built-in protection zener diode: see VZS spec. values if VS higher than VZS a resistor R S is necessary to limit the zener current IZS. PIN CONNECTIONS (Top view) MULTIW ATT 11 SIP 10 THERMAL DATA Symbol Rth j-amb Rth j-case Parameter Thermal Resistance Junction-ambient Thermal Resistance Junction-case Max. Max. Multiwatt 38 3 SIP 50 10 Unit °C/W °C/W 2/7 L9307 - L9309 Figure 1: Typical Application (for SIP 10 version) Note: a) RS required only limi t IZS whenever VS exceeds VZS voltage value. 3/7 L9307 - L9309 ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS (VS = 14.4V; Tamb = –40°C to 85°C; RS = 100Ω Refer to the block diagram, unless otherwise specified.) Symbol VIH IB IOS CMR ISC Parameter Hysteresis of the Input Comparator Input Bias Current Input Offset Current Input Common Mode Range Output Short Circuit Channel (typ. SOA curve, see fig.2) VS = 6 to 18V VI – VI > 70mA Vout 1, 2 = 16V Tamb = 25 to 85°C Tamb = –40 to 25°C Vout 1,2 = 6V VI – VI > 70mA VS = 6 – 16V DC Conditions Pulsed: Ton = 2.5ms; d < 8% (see fig. 2) Vout 1, 2 < 2V; + VI – VI > 70mV Id = 100mA VI- – VI+ > 70mV Id = 100mA Iout 1, 2 = 1.2A VI – VI > 70mV VS = 18V 3.5 VI – VI > 70m […]

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L9309 Datasheet

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