M16JZ47 SCR – 600V, 16A, Triode Thyristor (SM16JZ47A)

Part Number: M16JZ47, SM16JZ47A

Function: 600V, 16A, Triode Thyristor

Package: TO-220 Type

Manufacturer: Toshiba Semiconductor


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A thyristor is a solid-state semiconductor device that is widely used in power control and switching applications. It is a four-layer, three-junction device with three terminals: anode, cathode, and gate.

Regarding the specifications you mentioned (600V, 16A), they represent the voltage and current ratings of the thyristor. A thyristor rated for 600V means that it can withstand a maximum voltage of 600 volts across its terminals. Similarly, a thyristor with a 16A rating indicates that it can handle a maximum current of 16 amps.

Thyristors are commonly used in various applications, including motor control, power supplies, lighting control, heating control, and high-power switching. They have the ability to handle high voltage and current levels and can be triggered into conduction by applying a gate current.

Applications Unit: mm l Repetitive Peak Off−State Voltage : VDRM = 400, 600V l R.M.S On−State Current l High Commutating (dv / dt) l Isolation Voltage : IT (RMS) = 16A : VISOL = 1500V AC MAXIMUM RATINGS CHARACTERISTIC SM16GZ47 SM16GZ47A SM16JZ47 SM16JZ47A SYMBOL RATING 400 VDRM 600 IT (RMS) ITSM I t di / dt PGM PG (AV) VGM IGM Tj Tstg VISOL 2 UNIT Repetitive Peak Off−State Voltage V R.M.S On−State Current (Full Sine Waveform Tc = 73°C) Peak One Cycle Surge On−State Current (Non−Repetitive) I t Limit Value Critical Rate of Rise of On−State Current (Note 1) Peak Gate Power Dissipation Average Gate Power Dissipation Peak Gate Voltage Peak Gate Current Junction Temperature Storage Temperature Range Isolation Voltage (AC, t = 1 min.)

Gate Trigger Current SM16GZ47A SM16JZ47A T2 (−) , Gate (+) T2 (+) , Gate (+) T2 (+) , Gate (−) T2 (−) , Gate (−) T2 (−) , Gate (+) mA II III IV Peak On−State Voltage Gate Non−Trigger Voltage Holding Current Thermal Resistance Critical Rate of Rise of Off−State Voltage SM16GZ47 SM16JZ47 SM16GZ47A SM16JZ47A SM16GZ47 SM16JZ47 SM16GZ47A SM16JZ47A VTM VGD IH Rth (j−c) ITM = 25A VD = Rated, Tc = 125°C VD = 12V, ITM = 1A Junction to Case, AC VDRM = Rated, Tj = 125°C Exponential Rise V V mA °C / W dv / dt V / µs ― ― V / µs ― Critical Rate of Rise of Off−State Voltage at Commutation (dv / dt) c VDRM = 400V, Tj = 125°C (di / dt) c = − 8.7A / ms MARKING – NUMBER *1 *2 *3 SYMBOL Toshiba Product Mark SM16GZ47, SM16GZ47A TYPE SM16JZ47, SM16JZ47A SM16GZ47A, SM16JZ47A M16GZ47 M16JZ47 A MARK *4 Example 8A : January 1998 8B : February 1998 8L :  […]

M16JZ47 Thyristor

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