MP3398 PDF Datasheet – Step-up Controller

Part Number: MP3398

Function: Step-up, White LED Controller

Package: SOIC 16, TSSOP 16, SOIC 20 Pin type

Manufacturer: MPS


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The MP3398 is a step-up controller with 4 current channels, which is designed to drive WLED arrays for large-size LCD-panel backlighting applications. It is flexible to expand the number of LED channels by two or more ICs in parallel sharing a single inductive power source. The MP3398 uses peak-current mode with fixed switching frequency. The frequency is programmable by an external setting resistor.

The MP3398 drives an external MOSFET to boost up the output voltage from a 5V to 28V input supply. It regulates the current in each LED string to the value set by an external current-setting resistor. The device applies 4 internal current sources for current balance. The current matching can achieve 2.5% regulation accuracy between strings. Its low regulation voltage on LED current sources reduces power loss. The IC can support both analog and PWM dimming independently to meet the different dimming-mode request. In addition, rich protection modes are also integrated including OCP, OTP, UVP, OVP, LED short/open protection, inductor/diode short protection. The MP3398 is available in SOIC16, TSSOP16-EP and SOIC20 packages.


• 4-String, Max 350mA/String WLED Driver • 5V to 28V Input Voltage Range • 2.5% Current Matching Accuracy Between Strings • Programmable Switching Frequency • PWM and Analog Dimming Mode • Cascading Capability with a Single Power Source • LED Open and Short LED Protection • Programmable Over-Voltage Protection • Recoverable Thermal Shutdown Protection • Over Current Protection • Inductor/Diode short Protection • Under-Voltage Lockout • SOIC16, TSSOP16-EP and SOIC20 Packages Applications • Desktop LCD Flat Panel Displays • Flat Panel Video Displays • 2D/3D LCD TVs and Monitors All MPS parts are lead-free, halogen free, and adhere to the RoHS directive. For MPS green status, please visit MPS website under Quality Assurance. “MPS” and “The Future of Analog IC Technology” are Registered Trademarks of Monolithic Power Systems, Inc. TYPICAL APPLICATION VIN GND L1 C1 15 VIN GATE 14 C3 16 VCC 1 COMP ISENSE 13 GND 4 R4 2 EN MP3398 12 OVP C4 5 11 OSC LED1 R5 7 ADIM 3 PWM LED2 10 9 LED3 6 ISET 8 LED4 R3 D1 C2 R1 R2 String 1 String 2 String 3 String 4 VOUT MP3398 Rev. 1.03 5/27/2015 MPS Proprietary Information. Patent Protected. Unauthorized Photocopy and Duplication Prohibited. © 2015 MPS. All Rights Reserved. 1 STEP UP, 4 STRINGS, MAX. 350MA/STRING ANALOG AND PWM DIMMING, WHITE LED CONTROLLER COMP 1 EN 2 PWM 3 GND 4 OSC 5 ISET 6 ADIM 7 LED4 8 ORDERING INFORMATION Part Number MP3398GS- MP3398GF*- MP3398GY**- Package SOIC16 TSSOP16-EP SOIC20 Top Marking MP3398 MP3398 MP3398 – For Tape & Reel, add suffix –Z (e.g. MP3398GS–Z); *- For Tape & Reel, add suffix –Z (e.g. MP3398GF […]


MP3398 Datasheet