MT6735 PDF – LTE Smartphone Processor

Part Number: MT6735, MT6735V

Function: LTE Smartphone Application Processor

Package: 641 Balls type

Manufacturer: MediaTek

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MediaTek’s MT6735 is a highly integrated LTE System-on-Chip (SoC) which incorporates advanced features, e.g. LTE cat.4, Octa HMP core operating at 1.3GHz, 3D graphics (OpenGL|ES 3.0), 13M camera ISP, LPDDR3-640 Mbps, HD/FHD display and 1080p video codec. MT6735 helps phone manufacturers build high-performance LTE smart phones with PC-like browser, 3D gaming and cinema class home entertainment experiences. […]

MT6735 pinout datasheet


The RF parts of those four blocks are placed on chip MT6625. With four advanced radio
technologies integrated on one chip, MT6735/MT6625 is the best and most
convenient connectivity solution in the industry,MT6735 implementing advanced and
sophisticated Radio Coexistence algorithms and hardware mechanisms. It supports single antenna sharing among 2.4 GHz Bluetooth, 2.4GHz/5GHz WLAN and 1.575 GHz for GPS.

The enhanced overall quality is achieved for simultaneous voice, data and audio/video
transmission on mobile phones and Media Tablets. The small footprint with low-power
consumption greatly reduces PCB layout resource. MT6735 also supports 802.11ac WLAN in advanced assorted with MT6630.

MT6735 PDF Datasheet