MTV003N PDF – Microprocessor Compatible Monitor Controller

This post explains for the semiconductor MTV003N.

The Part Number is MTV003N.

The function of this semiconductor is Microprocessor Compatible Monitor Controller.

Manufacturer: Myson

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MYSON TECHNOLOGY Features • MTV003N (MTV003) Microprocessor Compatible Monitor Controller Synchronous signal processing for use in green monitor applications. Easy command interface for external microprocessor controls. D/A converters up to 12V output. Built-in self-test pattern generator. On-chip clock oscillator allows external TTL level clock signal input. GENERAL Description MTV003 is intended for use in digital-controlled, power-conscious (Green) monitor applications. It integrates 4 major function blocks traditionally implemented in discrete parts and provides an easy interface for microprocessor controls. The functional blocks included in MTV003 are: SYNC processing, D/A converters, self-test pattern generator and command interface. BLOCK DIAGRAM This datasheet contains new product information. Myson Technology reserves the rights to modify the product specification without notice. No liability is assumed as a result of the use of this product. No rights u […]

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MTV003N Datasheet

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