MTV512M – 8051 Embedded Monitor Controller 64K Falsh Type

Part Number: MTV512M

Function: 8051 Embedded Monitor Controller 64K Falsh Type

Manufacturer: Myson Century


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MTV512M Preliminary 8051 Embedded Monitor Controller 64K Flash Type GENERAL DescriptionS The MTV512M micro-controller is an 8051 CPU core embedded device especially tailored for flat panel display applications. It includes an 8051 CPU core, 768-byte SRAM, 4 channels of 6-bit ADC, 3 external counters/timers, 6 channels of PWM DAC, VESA DDC interface, and a 64K-byte internal program Flash-ROM memory in 44-pin PLCC package. Features • 8051 core, 12MHz operating frequency with single/double CPU clock option • 0.35um process; 3.3V power supply • 768-byte RAM; 64K-byte program Flash memory Maximum 6 channels of PWM DAC Compliant with VESA DDC1/2B/2Bi/2B+ standard Dual slave IIC addresses; two H/W auto transfer DDC1/DDC2x data for both D-sub and DVI interfaces Watchdog timer with programmable interval Support external counters/timers, 1 & 2 Single/double frequency clock output Two external interrupts, INT1 is shared with Slave IIC interrupt source. Maximum 4 channels of 6-bit ADC Flash-ROM code protection selection 44-pin PLCC package • BLOCK DIAGRAM P1.0-7 P3.0-2 P3.4 P0.0-7 P2.0-3 RD WR ALE INT1 (1 P0.0-7 P2.0-7 RD WR ALE INT1 &2 RST X1 X2 CKO ADC AD0-3 PWM DAC DA0-5 P7.6-7 P6.0-7 P5.0-6 AUX I/O DDC & IIC HSCL1 INTERFACE HSDA1 HSCL2 HSDA2 m o c . u 4 t e e h s a t a .d w w w *This datasheet, which contains proprietary and trade secret information of MYSON CENTURY, INC., is confidential and subject to various privileges against unauthorized disclosure. Myson Century, Inc. No. 2, Industry East Rd. III, Science-Based Industrial Park, Hsin-Chu, Taiwan Tel: 886-3-5784866 Fax: 886-3-5784349 Rev. 0.4 August 25, 2003 page 1 of 1 8051 CORE 1) , XFR 7, $/ AUXRAM & DDCRAM1 & DDCRAM2 MTV512M Preliminary PIN CONNECTION &2 1) , (1 page 2 of 2 7, $/ MTV512M Preliminary PIN CONFIGURATION & Description A “CMOS output pin” means it can sink and drive at least 4mA current. It is not recommended to use such pin as input function. An “open drain pin” means it can sink at least 4mA current. It can be used as input or output function and needs an external pull up resistor. An “8051 standard pin” is a pseudo open drain pin. It can sink at least 4mA current when output is at low level, and drives at least 4mA current for 160nS when output transits from low to high, then keeps driving at 120μA to maintain the pin at high level. It can be used as input or output function. It needs an external pull up resistor when driving heavy load device. There is an internal pull-up resistance on each CMOS PAD and an internal pull-down resistance on each input PAD. It is recommended to add a pull high resistance on each open drain pin. Default Direction Default Output Value Internal Pull Up/Down – Name NC Pin No. 1 Direction – DA0/P5.0 2 I/O O 1(DA0) (1 O 1(DA2) O 1(DA3) O 1(DA4) O 1(P5.5) I Z(P5.6) I Z(P5.7) I 0 down I/O Z(HSCL1) I/O Z( […]

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MTV512M Datasheet

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