MY2NJ PDF Datasheet – Omron Relay

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The Part Number is MY2NJ.

Manufacturer: Omron

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MY2NJ pdf datasheet


This is relay. The MY2NJ is a specific type of relay manufactured by Omron Corporation. It is a compact and versatile general-purpose relay that is commonly used in various industrial control and automation applications.

This relay typically has DPDT (Double Pole Double Throw) contacts. This means it has two sets of independent contacts, each with a normally open (NO) and normally closed (NC) position.


• Models with lockable test buttons now available.

• Multiple features available, including operation indicators (mechanical and LED indicators), lockable test button, built-in diode and CR (surge suppression), bifurcated contacts, etc.

• Environment-friendly cadmium-free contacts.

• Wide range of Sockets (PY, PYF Series) and optional parts.

• Max. Switching Current: 2-pole: 10 A, 4-pole: 5 A

• Provided with nameplate.

• RoHS Complaint.

MY2NJ omron relay


1. Control Panels: The MY2NJ relay is commonly used in control panels for motor control, lighting control, and other industrial automation tasks.

2. PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) Interface: It is often used as an interface between PLCs and external devices in control systems.

3. Industrial Machinery: The relay is used in various industrial machinery for safety interlocks, sequencing, and control functions.

4. Building Automation: It finds applications in building automation systems for HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) control, lighting control, and access control.


MY2NJ PDF Datasheet