MZ73-9RM PDF Datasheet – 9 Ohm, PTC Thermistor

Part Number: MZ73-9RM

Function: PTC Thermistor

Manufacturer: ETC

Images:MZ73-9RM pdf thermistor


MZ73-9RM is PTC thermistor. A PTC thermistor (Positive Temperature Coefficient thermistor) is a type of thermistor that exhibits a positive temperature coefficient of resistance. This means that its resistance increases with an increase in temperature. PTC thermistors are made from semiconductor materials and are designed to change their electrical resistance significantly with temperature variations.

When the temperature of a PTC thermistor increases, the number of charge carriers (electrons or holes) within the semiconductor material also increases. This leads to a higher resistance as the charge carriers impede the flow of current more effectively. As a result, PTC thermistors are often used as temperature sensors, overcurrent protectors, or self-regulating heating elements.

MZ73-9RM datasheet


1. Superior degaussing component of colour TV set and monitor.

2. Current-Limited unite in AC circuit


1. This is a basic degaussing circuit, if residual currents requested zero, this circuit usually a switch When necessary the switch is turned off.

MZ73-9RM PDF Datasheet