NAS603 PDF Datasheet – Screw / Pan Head – AIA

Part Number: NAS603

Function: Screw / Pan Head

Manufacturer: AIA


NAS603 datasheet screw


NAS603 is Machine Screw – Pan Head.

A machine screw with a pan head refers to a specific type of fastener commonly used in various applications to join or fasten components together. Let’s break down the components of the term:

Machine Screw: A machine screw is a threaded fastener designed to be threaded into a tapped hole or used with a nut to fasten parts together. Unlike wood screws, which are used to fasten into wood, machine screws are intended for use in metal or materials with pre-drilled or pre-tapped holes.

Pan Head: The term “pan head” refers to the shape of the screw head. A pan head screw has a flat and circular head with a slightly raised top, resembling a shallow pan. This design provides a larger contact area when the screw is tightened down, distributing the force more evenly and reducing the risk of the screw sinking into the material.

Length: 1/2″, Thread: 10-32, Pan Head, Fully Threaded, Phillips Recess, Alloy Steel

NAS603 pdf


1. Material : Steel Alloy

2. Head type : Pan

3. Weight : 0.0025 lb

4. Military Spec

Aerospace Industries Association, National Areospace Standard […]

NAS603 aia

NAS603 PDF Datasheet


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