NR8910 Datasheet – Step-down Switching Mode Regulator

Part Number: NR891D, NR8910

Function: Separate Excitation Step-down Switching Mode Regulator IC

Manufacturer: ETC


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1-1-3 DC/DC Converter ICs NR887D/NR891D Full-Mold, Separate Excitation Step-down Switching Mode Regulator ICs ■Features Current Mode Control, Synchronous Rectifier Step-down Switching Mode ■Absolute Maximum Ratings • DIP 8 pin package • Input voltage range (VIN): VO + 3 to 18 V • Synchronous rectifier mode • High efficiency: 90% • Introduction of current mode control method • A ceramic capacitor can be used for output • Built-in phase correction component • Output current: 2 A • Reference voltage and accuracy of 0.8 V ± 2% • Oscillation frequency: 500 kHz • Output ON/OFF available • Undervoltage lockout • Soft start function ■Applications Parameter Input Voltage Power Dissipation Junction Temperature Storage Temperature Thermal Resistance (Junction to Lead (4 pins)) Thermal Resistance (Junction to Ambient Air) Symbol VIN PD Tj Tstg θj-c θj-a Ratings 20 1.50 –40 to +150 –40 to +150 25 67 Unit V W °C °C °C/W °C/W Conditions When mounted […]

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NR8910 Datasheet

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