NT68625 PDF – Flat Panel Monitor Controller

Part Number: NT68625

Function: Flat Panel Monitor Controller

Package: QFP 128 pin type

Manufacturer: Novatek


NT68625 pdf


The NT68625 is a highly integrated flat panel display controller that interfaces analog, digital, and video inputs. It combines a triple ADC, a DVI compliant TMDS receiver, a digital YUV receiver, a high quality zoom and shrink engine, a multi-color on screen display (OSD) controller and many other functions in a single chip. It provides the user with a simple, flexible and cost-effective solution for various flat panel display products.
The NT68665/NT68625 operates at frequencies up to 165MHz, suitable for LCD monitor up to SXGA resolution. By using alternate sampling technology, the supported analog input resolution can be extended to UXGA mode.

The NT68665/NT68625 also has a built-in noise reduction function to provide more stable video quality, spread spectrum to provide low EMI solution, sRGB for video color space convert and post pattern for manufacture test. […]

NT68625 pinout datasheet


Analog Graphic Input:
 Integrated triple high speed ADC/PLL
 0.55V to 0.9V Analog input range
 Supports both non-interlaced and interlaced input signals
 64 steps of phase adjust for each RGB channel
 Sampling rate up to 110MHz for X type, 165MHz for E type
 500 MHz programmable analog bandwidth

Digital Graphic Input:
 Integrated single link DVI receiver
 Direct connect to all DVI compliant TMDS transmitters
 Operating up to 165MHz
 Supports High-Bandwidth Digital Protection (HDCP)
 Supports Encryption HDCP secret key

Digital Video Input:
 Supports ITU-R BT.656 8-bit Input format
 Built-in YUV to RGB color space converter
 Spatial de-interlace

NT68625 PDF Datasheet