NTP3000 PDF – Full Digital Audio Amplifier

The Part Number is NTP3000.

The function of this semiconductor is 2.1 CHANNEL FULL DIGITAL AMPLIFIER.

The package is 56 pin MLF 8mm by 8mm .

Manufacturer: NeoFidelity

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NTP3000 pinout datasheet


NTP3000 is a single chip full digital audio amplifier including power stage for stereo or 2.1 channel amplifier system. NTP3000 is integrated with versatile digital audio signal processing functions, high-fidelity fully digital PWM modulator and two high-power full bridge MOSFET stages.

NTP3000 receives 2-channel serial audio data with sampling frequency from 8 kHz to 192kHz.
It delivers 2x30W in stereo mode or 2x15W + 1x30W in 2.1 channel mode without heat sink.

Combining use of built-in mixer and biquad filters can make additional preprocessing like bass management, loudness control, loudspeaker response compensation and preset parametric equalizers possible. […]

NTP3000 pdf

1. Stereo (30W ⅹ 2)
2. 2.1 channel (15Wⅹ2 + 30W)
3. Wide Supply Voltage Range: (7V~30V)
4. Floating Point Operation
5. 18 Programmable Biquad Filters
6. Speaker Compensation
7. DC cut, LPF, HPF
8. Parametric Equalizer
9. PWM Output for External Subwoofer
10. 3D Surround
11. 7 Band Graphic Equalizer
12. 100 dB Dynamic Range
13. Adaptive Loudness Compensator based on Psycho Acoustics


1. Plasma TV, LCD TV
2. Docking Station
3. Mini-Component Audio

NTP3000 PDF Datasheet