OZ9938GN PDF Datasheet – LCDM Inverter Controller

This post explains for the Inverter Controller.

The Part Number is OZ9938GN, 0Z9938GN, OZ9938.

The function of this semiconductor is LCDM Inverter Controller.

The package is SOIC 16 Pin Type

Manufacturer: O2Micro

Image and pinouts :

OZ9938GN pdf datasheet



The OZ9938GN is a high performance, cost-effective CCFL (Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp)
controller designed for driving large-size Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) applications requiring 2 to
6 CCFLs. The controller converts unregulated DC voltages into a nearly sinusoidal lamp voltage and current waveforms.

The 0Z9938 provides two drive signals for most power conversion topologies while maintaining
high-efficiency operation. The PWM controller provides a soft-start operation, current and
voltage regulation, over-voltage and over-current protection, high drive capability and multiple
dimming functions (internal PWM or external PWM or analog dimming functions).



1. Positive PWM dimming polarity

2. Constant operating frequency

3. Drives positive/negative-impedance lamps during ignition

4. High drive current for external MOSFETs

5. User-defined ignition time and shutdown delay time

6. Multiple mode dimming control

7. Built-in intelligence for ignition and normal operation of CCFLs

OZ9938GN Datasheet

OZ9938GN pdf