PF7900 – 9V to 27V Input Current Mode Boost Controller

Part Number: PF7900

Function: 9V to 27V Input Current Mode Boost Controller

Manufacturer: Powerforest


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PF7900 9V to 27V Input Current Mode Boost Controller Specification Rev. 1.4 Features  Wide Input Range: 9V to 27V  Adjustable Switching Frequency Setting  Current Mode Control  300mV Current Sensing Reference  Over Current Protection  Over Temperature Protection  Output Over Voltage Protection  Input Over Voltage Protection  PWM Dimming Input Applications  Front-End Stage of LED Backlight  LED Lighting GENERAL Description The PF7900 is a wide-input voltage boost controller which can be operated from 9V to 27V. The special dimming input helps to synchronize this device with multi-channel current matching ICs or MOSFETs for LED applications such as LED backlight or LED lighting. PF7900 integrated the current mode PWM controller with a high driving capability MOSFET driver, over current protection, and input/output over voltage protection in a SOP-8 package to minimize the PCB size as well as the component counts. The adjustable frequency setting helps users to select the optimized operation frequency. TYPICAL APPLICATION Dimming Signal VCC OUT PF7900 CS DIM FB RT GND GM Vbus LED8 LED7 LED6 LED5 LED4 LED3 LED2 LED1 COMP DIM GND PF7004/8 PF7900_DS_14 Jan, 2014 1 […]

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PF7900 Datasheet

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