PIC16F877 PDF – 8-Bit CMOS FLASH Microcontroller

Part Number: PIC16F877

Function: 28/40-pin 8-Bit CMOS FLASH Microcontrollers

Manufacturer: Microchip

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The PIC16F877 is a popular 8-bit microcontroller from Microchip Technology, which is commonly used in various embedded systems and electronic projects.


1. Architecture: The PIC16F877 is based on the Harvard architecture and uses a modified Harvard architecture with a von Neumann-like data memory access scheme. It has a RISC (Reduced Instruction Set Computer) architecture.

2. CPU: It operates at a maximum frequency of 20 MHz and is equipped with a 8-bit RISC CPU core. The instruction set includes around 35 instructions.

3. Memory: The microcontroller has 8KB of Flash program memory for storing the firmware or program code. It also has 368 bytes of RAM (Random Access Memory) for data storage.

4. I/O Ports: It has a total of five I/O ports (PORTA, PORTB, PORTC, PORTD, and PORTE) with a combined total of 33 I/O pins. These ports can be configured as inputs or outputs as required.


• High performance RISC CPU • Only 35 single word instructions to learn • All single cycle instructions except for program branches which are two cycle • Operating speed: DC – 20 MHz clock input DC – 200 ns instruction cycle • Up to 8K x 14 words of FLASH Program Memory, Up to 368 x 8 bytes of Data Memory (RAM) Up to 256 x 8 bytes of EEPROM Data Memory • Pinout compatible to the PIC16C73B/74B/76/77 • Interrupt capability (up to 14 sources) • Eight level deep hardware stack • Direct, indirect and relative addressing modes • Power-on Reset (POR) • Power-up Timer (PWRT) and Oscillator Start-up Timer (OST) • Watchdog Timer (WDT) with its own on-chip RC oscillator for reliable operation • Programmable code protection • Power saving SLEEP mode • Selectable oscillator options • Low power, high speed CMOS FLASH/EEPROM technology • Fully static design • In-Circuit Serial Programming(ICSP)via two pins • Single 5V In-Circuit Serial Programming capability • In-Circuit Debugging via two pins • Processor read/write access to program memory • Wide operating voltage range: 2.0V to 5.5V • High Sink/Source Current: 25 mA • Commercial, Industrial and Extended temperature ranges


PIC16F877 pinout datasheet

PIC16F877 PDF Datasheet