RDA5807M PDF Datasheet – Broadcast FM Stereo Radio Tuner

Part Number: RDA5807M


Package: MSOP 10 Pin Type

Manufacturer: RDA Microelectronics


1 page
RDA5807M pdf pinout


The RDA5807M series is the newest generation single-chip broadcast FM stereo radio tuner with fully integrated synthesizer, IF selectivity, RDS/RBDS and MPX decoder. The tuner uses the CMOS process, support multi-interface and require the least external component. All these make it very suitable for portable devices.


1. CMOS single-chip fully-integrated FM tuner

2.  Low power consumption
(1) Total current consumption lower than 20mA at 3.0V power supply when under normal situation

3. Support worldwide frequency band
(1) 50 -115 MHz

4.  Support flexible channel spacing mode
(1) 100KHz, 200KHz, 50KHz and 25KHz

RDA5807M datasheet


1. Cellular handsets

2. MP3, MP4 players

3. Portable radios

4. PDAs, Notebook



RDA5807M PDF Datasheet

RDA5807M pdf

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