RT8881A PDF Datasheet – Multi-Phase PWM Controller

Part Number: RT8881A

Function: Multi-Phase PWM Controller

Package: 52-Lead WQFN Type

Manufacturer: Richtek Technology

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The RT8881A is a multi-phases PWM controller. Moreover, it is compliant with AMD SVI2 Voltage Regulator Specification to support both CPU core (VDD) and Northbridge portion (VDDNB) of the CPU. The RT8881A adopts the G-NAVPTM (Green-Native AVP), which is a Richtek’s proprietary topology. The G-NAVP makes it an easy setting controller to meet all AMD AVP (Adaptive Voltage Positioning) requirements.

1. Phase Shifting: In a multi-phase power delivery system, the PWM controller divides the load current into several phases by controlling multiple power stages (also known as power channels or phases). Each phase operates with a slightly different phase shift compared to the others. Phase shifting reduces the output voltage ripple and helps distribute the load evenly across the phases.

2. PWM Control: The PWM controller generates control signals for each phase. These control signals determine when each phase’s power stage should turn on and off. By adjusting the duty cycle (the ratio of on-time to off-time) of these control signals, the controller regulates the output voltage to the desired level.

3. Load Balancing: Multi-phase power delivery systems improve efficiency and reduce voltage ripple by distributing the load current across several phases. This load balancing helps minimize the stress on individual power components, such as inductors and capacitors, and allows for more efficient power delivery.


1. Dual Outputs :

(1) 4/3/2/1-Phase for VDD
(2) 2/1/0-Phase for VDDNB

2. G-NAVP Topology

3. Support Dynamic Load-Line and Zero Load-Line

4. Diode Emulation Mode at Light Load Condition

5. SVI2 Interface to Comply with AMD Power Management Protocol

6. I2C Interface for Platform Configuration

7. Build-in ADC for VOUT and IOUT Reporting

RT8881A pinout datasheet



2. Desktop Computer

RT8881A PDF Datasheet