SCK-054 PDF – 4A, 5 Ohm, NTC Thermistor – Microtherm

Part Number: SCK-054

Function: 4A, 5 Ohm, Thermistor

Package: Disk Type

Manufacturer: Microtherm

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SCK-054 is 4A, 5 Ohm, NTC Thermistor.

An NTC thermistor, also known as a Negative Temperature Coefficient thermistor, is a type of temperature sensor that exhibits a decrease in electrical resistance with an increase in temperature. As the temperature rises, the resistance of the NTC thermistor decreases, and vice versa.

The behavior of an NTC thermistor is based on the temperature-dependent properties of semiconductors or ceramic materials. The thermistor is made of a mixture of metal oxides, which gives it its temperature-sensitive characteristics.


1. Temperature Sensitivity: NTC thermistors have a high sensitivity to changes in temperature, making them useful for precise temperature measurements and control.

2. Applications: They are commonly used for temperature sensing, temperature compensation, and temperature control in various electronic circuits and devices.

3. Resistance-Temperature Curve: NTC thermistors follow a well-defined resistance-temperature curve. As the temperature increases, the resistance decreases exponentially. The specific curve is defined by the thermistor’s material and manufacturing process.


1. Temperature sensing and monitoring in electronic circuits and systems.

2. Overheating protection for motors and power electronics.

3. Temperature compensation in temperature-sensitive electronic components, such as quartz crystals.

4. Temperature control in thermostats and household appliances.

5. Temperature measurement and compensation in automotive systems


SCK-054 PDF Datasheet

SCK-054 pdf