SD4844P – (SD4840 – SD4844P) Current Mode PWM Controller

Part Number: SD4844P

Function: (SD4840 – SD4844P) Current Mode PWM Controller

Manufacturer: Silan Microelectronics


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SD4840/4841/4842/4843/4844 CURRENT MODE PWM CONTROLLER WITH BUILT-IN HIGH VOLTAGE MOSFET Description SD4840/4841/4842/4843/4844 is a current mode PWM controller with low standby power and low start current for power switch. In standby mode, the circuit enters burst mode to reduce the standby power dissipation. The switch frequency is 67KHz with ±2.5 KHz jitter frequency for low EMI. The stress on transformer during power on is reduced by the builtin 15ms soft start circuit to avoid the saturation of transformer. SD4840/4841/4842/4843/4844 includes under voltage lock-out, over voltage protection, leading edge blanking, over current protection and the temperature protection. The circuit will restart automatically until the system is normal after the protection is active. Features – Lower start-up current (Typ.6μA) – Frequency jitter for low EMI – Overcurrent protection – Overvoltage protection – Undervoltage lockout – Built-in temperature protection – Built-in high voltage MOSFET – Auto restart mode Applications – Switch power – Built-in soft start – Burst mode operation – Cycle by cycle current limit ORDERING INFORMATION Part No. SD4840P67K65 SD4841P67K65 SD4842P67K65 SD4843P67K65 SD4844PP67K65 DIP-8-300-2.54 Package Marking SD4840P67K65 SD4841P67K65 SD4842P67K65 SD4843P67K65 SD4844PP67K65 Note: P denotes it is available in DIP8 package, 67k denotes 67KHz, and 65 denotes withstand voltage is 650V. HANGZHOU SILAN MICROELECTRONICS CO.,LTD Http: // REV:1.2 2008.12.17 Page 1 of 11 SD4840/4841/4842/4843/4844 TYPICAL OUPUT POWER CAPABILITY Device SD4840P67K65 SD4841P67K65 SD4842P67K65 SD4843P67K65 SD4844PP67K65 190~265VAC Adapter 7W 10W 12W 14W 16W Open 9W 14W 17W 19W 21W Adapter 5W 8W 10W 12W 14W 85~265VAC Open 7.2W 12W 14W 15W 18W BLOCK DIAGRAM ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATING Characteristics Drain-Gate Voltage (RGS=1MΩ) Gate-Source (GND) Voltage SD4840P67K65 SD4841P67K65 Drain Current Pulse (note1) SD4842P67K65 SD4843P67K65 SD4844PP67K65 IDM Symbol VDGR VGS Rating 650 ±30 4 6 8 11 14 A Unit V V HANGZHOU SILAN MICROELECTRONICS CO.,LTD Http: // + – + – REV:1.2 2008.12.17 Page 2 of 11 SD4840/4841/4842/4843/4844 Characteristics SD4840P67K65 Continuous Drain Current (Tamb=25°C) SD4841P67K65 SD4842P67K65 SD4843P67K65 SD4844PP67K65 SD4840P67K65 Signal Pulse Avalanche Energy(note 2) SD4841P67K65 SD4842P67K65 SD4843P67K65 SD4844PP67K65 Power Supply Voltage Analog Input Voltage Total Power Dissipation Operating Junction Temperature Operating Temperature Storage Temperature 2. L=51mH, starting Tj=25°C EAS ID Symbol Rating 1 1.5 2 3 4 15 30 68 140 200 mJ A Unit VCC,MAX VFB PD Darting TJ Tamb TSTG 21 -0.3~ VSD 1.5 0.017 +160 -25~ +85 -55~+150 V V W W/°C °C °C °C Note: 1. Pulse width is limited by maximum junction temperature. ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS (sense MOSFET part, unless otherwise specified, Tamb=25°c) Characteristics Drain-Source Breakdown Voltage Zero Gate Voltag […]

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SD4844P Datasheet

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