SE1020W PDF – Transimpedance Amplifier

Part Number: SE1020W

Function: 1.25 Gb/s Transimpedance Amplifier Product Preview

Manufacturer: SiGe Semiconductor Inc.

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SiGe Semiconductor offers a portfolio of optical networking ICs for use in high-performance optical transmitter and receiver functions, from 155 Mb/s up to 12.5 Gb/s.

SiGe Semiconductor’s SE1020W is a fully integrated, silicon bipolar transimpedance
amplifier; providing wideband, low noise preamplification of signal current from a
photodetector. It features differential outputs and incorporates an automatic gain control mechanism to increase dynamic range, allowing input signals up to 2.6 mA peak. A decoupling capacitor on the supply is the only external circuitry required. A system block diagram is shown after the functional description, on page 3. […]

SE1020W pinout datasheet


ƒ Single +3.3 V power supply
ƒ Power dissipation = 110 mW (typ)
ƒ Input noise current = 180 nA rms when used with a 0.7 pF detector
ƒ Transimpedance gain = 4.0 kΩ into a 50 Ω load (differential)
ƒ On-chip automatic gain control gives input current overload of 2.6 mA pk and max
output voltage swing of 300 mV pk-pk
ƒ Differential 50 Ω outputs
ƒ Bandwidth (-3 dB) = 1.2 GHz
ƒ Wide data rate range = 50 Mb/s to 1.25 Gb/s
ƒ Constant photodiode reverse bias voltage = 1.5 V (anode to input, cathode to VCC)
ƒ Minimal external components, supply
decoupling only

SE1020W PDF Datasheet