SP232 PDF – 5V Powered RS232 Drivers / Receivers

Part Number: SP232

Function: 5V Powered RS232 Drivers / Receivers

Manufacturer: Sipex

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RS232 drivers and receivers are electronic components used to interface between RS232 serial communication standards and other digital systems. RS232 (Recommended Standard 232) is a widely used standard for serial communication between devices.

The SP232 device is a family of line driver and receiver pairs that meets the  pecifications of RS-232 and V.28 serial protocols.


SP232 pinout datasheet


• Operates from a Single +5V Power Supply
• Meets all RS-232D and ITU V.28 Specifications
• Operates with 0.1μF to 10μF Ceramic Capacitors
• No External Capacitors required (SP233E)
• Low Power Shutdown (SP310E, SP312E)
• High Data Rate – 120kbps under load
• Low power CMOS Operation
• Lead Free packaging available

1. Voltage level conversion: RS232 drivers convert logic-level signals to the higher voltage levels required by RS232, while RS232 receivers perform the reverse conversion.

2. Noise immunity: RS232 drivers and receivers are designed to handle noise and interference commonly encountered in communication lines, ensuring reliable data transmission.

3. Signal conditioning: These components provide signal conditioning and buffering to ensure the quality of the transmitted and received data.

4. Driver enable/disable control: Some RS232 drivers include enable/disable control pins to enable or disable the driver circuit, allowing control over the transmission of data.

5. Protection features: RS232 drivers and receivers often include protection mechanisms such as overvoltage protection and short-circuit protection to prevent damage to the ICs and connected devices.

SP232 PDF Datasheet